Xencelabs Tablet Medium is now available in white and is called Xencelabs Tablet Medium SE. I already reviewed the standard edition last year, so I won't repeat the drawing performance section in this review. All in all, the tablet looks great and offers excellent drawing performance, the only drawback is that there are only three shortcut buttons on the tablet.

The white edition is only available as a bundle with the Xencelabs Quick Keys remote control (trial). The package price is $379.99.

Just for comparison, the Medium Tablet is US$279.99, the Medium Tablet Bundle with Quick Keys Remote is US$359.99, the Quick Keys Remote is US$89.99, and the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium it costs US$379.99 (reduced to $299).

Xencelabs occasionally offers discounts on its website. At the time of this review, they have a Happy Easter promotion with 15% off select items through April 19, 2022. You can also find Xencelabs products on Amazon.

The tablet I have is a review unit provided by Xencelabs.

It's an expensive tablet but you get a lot of stuff.

Here are the items included in the case:

transport case
2 USB-A to USB-C cables 2 m long
pencil box
2 pens
6 hard tip replacement tips
4x spare felt tips
tip extractor
Xencelabs Hotkey Shortcut Remote Control
artist glove

The carrying case is well padded with pockets to keep all the included items safe. The fabric looks and feels quite durable.

The aesthetic is all white and grey, which looks great.

Of note, inside the pen case are 4x felt tips, which are much more pleasant to draw with than hard plastic black tips. Replacement felt tips are available for purchase from the Xencelabs online store and are priced at $13 for ten pieces. Unfortunately, these felt tips are not compatible with other brand pens.

The slim ballpoint pen has two side buttons and an eraser button on the back.

The thicker pen has three buttons on the side and an eraser button on the back.

The drawing performance of both pens is similar. There is tilt and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. The pens are not battery operated, so there is no need to charge them.

Both pens are comfortable to hold. Matte textured grip area does not attract dust.

Since the tablet only has 3 shortcut buttons, the Xencelabs Quick Keys Shortcut Remote is handy to have as it gives you up to 40 shortcuts. There are 8 shortcut buttons and you can create 5 shortcut groups. The button below allows you to switch between different groups of shortcuts. And all the shortcut names are displayed on the OLED screen.

The dial can be configured with 4 shortcuts and you can switch between them with the button in the middle.

The overall build quality is fantastic. And the design is also great. There is attention to detail. Underneath both sides of the tablet are cutouts for your fingers to easily lift the tablet, and there is a curved area to rest your palm on.

Both the tablet and the remote are wireless, but not Bluetooth. A USB-A receiver is included, along with a USB-C adapter.

There aren't many white pen tablets out there, so this color could be a selling point, especially if you want to match the aesthetics of your other devices. I just don't know how the white color will hold up to dirt, wear and tear over time. But I'm not too worried about that though.

Xencelabs Tablet Medium SE is currently only available on the Xencelabs online store.

If you need a second opinion on the tablet's performance, check out the hundreds of reviews on Amazon.