An online counselor is not pretty much different from an offline practical counselor. The difference is that an online counselor offers online counselling and therapy to the person who requires it. So, let's discuss the concept of online counselling and how to become an online counselor. Let's get started with the idea of what is online counseling?

What is online counseling?

Online counselling is a type of professional mental health counseling where the counselor offers treatment virtually. Licensed and trained counselors engage the latest electronic gadgets to deliver services to the people in need. An online counselor doesn’t meet directly with clients like traditional offline counselors. Telephonic counseling, electronic counseling, cyber therapies, and website counseling are all parts of online counseling. An online counselor provides services through email, chatting, audio call and video call. Sometimes patients go for online counseling simultaneously with offline therapies. But currently, clients prefer online counseling over visiting counselors directly. As a result, many offline counselors take training and start offering online counseling.

Some telephonic psychology has been there since the popularity of counseling and therapies. But the development of the internet supports online counselling to come up strongly. As a result, patients prefer doing a videoconference, online chat, and email as the communication medium with an online counselor as they can avail themselves of the online services from any place. Therefore, online counselling is growing in popularity.

Types of counsellors:

There are various types of counsellors. Some common types are discussed below:

  1. School Counsellor: School counsellors mainly deal with students and help solve academic, social, behavioral, and personal complications.
  2. Rehabilitation Counsellor: Rehabilitation counsellors help physically and mentally challenged individuals fight with their disabilities.
  3. Mental health counsellor: Mental health counsellors help people with emotional problems.
  4. Career counsellors: Career counsellors guide students in choosing the right career.
  5. Marriage Counsellors: Marriage counsellors or relationship counsellors deal with the clients having marriage, relationship-related issues, or family problems.
  6. Child counselors: Child counselors are specialized in any issues related to children.

Who is an online counsellor?

An online counsellor is a counsellor with adequate training to perform counselling and provide therapies via the virtual medium. Like offline counsellors, online counsellors have to complete graduation and go through the professional counselling courses and therapy methods for continuing as psychologists, relationship counsellors, child psychologists, etc. An online counsellor plays the same role and offers almost the same service as a traditional counsellor. The only difference is the online counsellor delivers the service through the internet. Online counsellors listen to the client's issues and counsel them, but it is difficult for an online counsellor to cure a mental illness virtually.

An online counsellor uses modern techniques to service and handles clients. Videoconferencing, chatting, messaging, mail, etc., are some methods used by online counsellors. But one thing should be made clear online counselors cannot handle critical psychological issues. Online counselling is appropriate for people with mild psychological problems. Usually, people who are busy and can't able to manage separate time to visit a counsellor's chamber prefer online counsellors the most. One of the reasons behind online counselling's popularity is that clients can attend the sessions from home.

Technologies that an online counsellor use:

Online counsellors need some electronic services to conduct online counselling. The techniques include:

  • Mobile software and applications
  • Electronic mail
  • Instant messaging systems
  • Videoconferencing apps
  • Video calls
  • Smartphones

These techniques can be operated through computers, tablets, and even smartphones. Therefore, online counselling is not difficult for anyone to access.

Qualities that are a must for an online counsellor:

It is challenging to bind online counsellors and online counselling within specific rules because they can offer services from any part of the country. Still, American Psychological Association sets some must-have qualities and regulations for online counsellors. They are the following.

  1. Must have a good understanding of technologies:

It is a must for an online counsellor to understand the technologies very well. Online counsellors provide services by making the best use of the latest technologies. So, they need to possess excellent knowledge regarding tools and techniques for delivering therapies. It is also necessary to know how to maintain the privacy of their clients for an effective online counsellor.

  1. Deliver services within their limit:

Online counsellors have some limitations and boundaries. So, they need to offer therapies that are within their sphere. If clients have such issues that can't be cured through online counselling, the online counsellors should recommend them to visit an offline counsellor. Therefore, an effective online counsellor is expected to deliver services within their scope and refer the cases to others if necessary.

  1. Search for knowledge up-gradation:

Technologies are ever-evolving, and the counsellors who stick to offering services online should keep on improvising their technical knowledge. An online counsellor must be aware of the technological changes and join required courses for self-up-gradation. It will help counsellors to use up-to-date techniques.

  1. Obey the rules and regulations of online counselling:

The law of delivering online counselling differs according to state and country. Therefore, online counsellors should know and abide by the rules and regulations. Violation of any legal protocol may lead to the end of the counsellor's counselling career, and an effective online counsellor always cares for rules and regulations.

Which psychological conditions can be treated by online counsellors?

Online counsellors can handle some minor psychological issues; for example,

  • Management of stress and anger
  • Any addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Mild depression
  • Bipolar conditions
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Conflicts in interpersonal relations, etc.

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