Here is an overview of some white gel pens, white markers, paint and ink that I used for my watercolor sketches.

These are great for adding highlights, especially for drawing in small areas that would be extremely difficult to do with a watercolor brush.

These are very practical. For pens and markers, you can just open the cap and use.

There is a wide range of products that use white ink or paint so you can choose the right one for your art.

The important thing is that you already make sure your art is dry before using the white pens or markers.

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white gel pen

My favorite white gel pen is the Sakura Gelly Roll, available in line widths of 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.8, and 1.0mm.

The pen uses a rollerball and the ink flow is good. The ink flow is better than the white Uniball UM153 gel pen you also have. There were several instances where the uniball pen clogged before I could use the ink. Maybe I have better luck with the Sakura Gelly Roll I've been using for years.

Sometimes I also use a white correction pen. But I don't know what type of pigment is used. It is important that the blank does not turn yellow in the future. Until now, the whites of Sakura pens have remained white over the years.

I use white gel pens to draw and add details. To cover larger areas, I use white gouache instead. The gouache mark does not matter. Gouache is not 100% opaque and as soon as you add a little water it becomes more transparent. Titanium white is more opaque than zinc white.

If you want 100% or full opacity, consider acrylic paint instead. But you will need a special brush for this, because acrylic, if not properly cleaned, can harden and damage the brushes.

White bottled ink can be applied with nibs or brushes. If the pigment is small enough, like B.Dr. Ph. Martins Pen White, white ink can also be used in technical pens. Generally speaking, if the use in pens is not mentioned, never use the inks in pens to avoid clogging.

White ink may be easier to use than gouache because the ink is already in a concentrated, liquid form.

Ink bottles almost always need to be shaken before use to thoroughly mix the pigments with the binder.

This white block is part of the ArtGraf set. It works the same way as monochrome watercolors or monochrome gouache.

The advantage here is that you don't have to squeeze the white paint. Just add water and you can absorb the color immediately.

Posca markers are one of my favorite opaque markers. Posca has a good variety of colors, ink flow is good and the color is quite opaque. The markers are also available in different tips, even for white.

I use Posca markers to draw thicker lines that white gel pens can't.