The use of living things or genetic information to create new agricultural, industrial, and medical products is defined as biotechnology. What about the foods you consume and the pets you adore? Our forefathers are credited for sparking the agricultural revolution by using genetic engineering techniques on crops, farm animals, and companion animals, which gave birth to the biotech laboratories. However, knowing what's new is more important than history, so we have brought you the list of the top trends in biotech laboratories.

What is a Biotech laboratory?

One of the fast emerging labs is the biotech laboratories, where students can gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology and tools. Students are taught the applications of biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, microbes, and other sciences in biotechnology.

The biotech industry is incorporating various technologies such as AI, machine learning, and so on. This incorporation has completely changed the face of the biotech lab. Here are some Biotech laboratory trends you must know.

Biotech lab trends 2022

Improved laboratory supply purchasing

Scientists are trying to change their purchasing criteria by changing their supply and equipment purchasing habits. Rather than ordering a product only when required, researchers have started to order beforehand due to lab supply backorder rates that are 5 times higher than in preceding years. The supply buying in a smart biotech lab has incorporated several new features such as - increasing the number of vendors, ordering laboratory supplies much in advance of research start date using product substitutes, and choosing materials based on their quality and detail rather than their brand name,

The digitization of biotech labs is growing.

Biotech labs are adopting the digitization process; they will now include   more technologies than before, owing largely to supply chain disruptions and forced lab furloughs. The main growing software solutions being incorporated in the labs are:

  • Inventory Management Systems for Laboratories
  • Laboratory Information Management System,
  • Document Management and Digital Procurement

Research managing equipment

With the help of these newly introduced techniques, it becomes easier to identify impediments and opportunities for improvement in testing and analysis processes. The team can look at system applications in the lab that aren't yet online and figure out how to get them online.

Incorporation of automated and highly integrated technology

The emerging cloud-based applications and tools that support APIs or can be linked to other tools, have made it possible to automate lab mechanisms such as inventory notifications, equipment maintenance and repair management, monitoring of experiments, and approvals for lab supply ordering. Digitization helps synchronize current lab tools more as advanced and long-term methods of increasing lab efficiency.

Virtual frameworks will help emerging biotech’s to stay on track in  meeting research milestones while reducing the need for lab space dedicated to workstations

The use of AI in biotech laboratories result in accuracy and error detection

Biotech labs are working to develop machine learning techniques for experiments performed and run multiple scenarios to save time and resources. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can process many research sets of data more efficiently, providing scientists with results in a faster time. It will make the research process faster by enabling -remote handling of projects with the help of sensors,

automated experimentation, optimizing, testing, and scaling research to assist scientists in quickly accumulating data.   Experiment results are more accurate, and issues are addressed faster.


Biotech Labs now have the infrastructure to use technology to strategize and track experiments and expedite lab supply good procurement management. With these laboratory trends in biotechnology on the rise, it heightens and utilizes every biological system globally, from bacteria to vertebrates, to provide an unending stream of innovations that gradually make life a little easier.

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