As the capital is under siege, the Kiev agency asks its supporters to publish this video and #standwithukraine.

Banda: Call for sharing the video with the hashtag #standwithukraine
Banda: Call for sharing the video with the hashtag #standwithukraine
On a day that will go down in history, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a bloody invasion of Ukraine at 5am on Thursday (February 24).

He reportedly thought Kyiv and four other cities would be his by the weekend. But the Ukrainian people fought back and refused to surrender.

As fighting continues, Kyiv-based agency Banda has made a film about the war zone to appeal for international support.

The short video explains the situation in Ukraine using "trustworthy information" and reconstructs video footage of the crisis.

“Ukraine is now. And now something special. It's a game changer," says the voiceover, as scenes of Ukrainians taking refuge on the subway flash across the screen. The brutal video shows the Russian attack on the civilian population and the country's infrastructure.

"There can be no other now. You can hear it. You can see it. You can feel it. Now. Now and now. Another victory. Another action. Another small step closer. Actions. About people who do it ready are deeds. Ukraine now all of us are.

Now that the video is online, the agency is asking supporters to post the video and #standwithukraine.