Long distance relationships usually involve romantic relationships in which both partners reside at different geographic places. You and your partner could be in two different locations within the same town, or two different states, or two different countries! A look at global estimates suggests that long-distance relationships are increasing and career advancement and education are the two primary reasons why relationships often become long-distance.

The Qualities of Long Distance Relationships

Studies show that the couples who are in long distance relationships (LDR) are just as happy with their relationships as couples who live close to each other. The distance may enable you to be closer to people and still maintain your independence. The absence of your partner could let you focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and the wonderful memories of the time spent together. It is always suggested to take advantage of your time with each other to achieve a sense of peace and security in your relationship. Additionally, instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Google Hangouts and Skype have definitely made keeping LDRs significantly easier. In the past, couples were forced to settle for written letters or phone calls. You and your partner are now able to talk and see each other in real-time and this can give you the feeling of being 'together'. However, during difficult times, couples may also seek out help from Best psychologist near me in the area to resolve your problems.

Challenges Faced by LDR Couples

While staying connected has become more practical, physical distance, conflicting work schedules and in few cases different time zones are a contributing factor to the problems faced for LDR couples. These difficulties can be divided into four areas: financial, emotional, intimacy and technological issues.

Emotional challenges: Studies suggest that physical proximity is an essential element to being at ease in relationships. Also the closer the couple are, geographically, the less will be the uncertainty about the future of their relationship. Being distant from each other and inability to meet regularly can lead couples to become vulnerable to jealousy and be insecure regarding their relationship. Uncertainties can also result from being concerned about the whereabouts of your partner or believing that your partner might not be as committed as you are. The absence of a partner can cause the couple to feel isolated and long for one another. At times, the partners find themselves living on their own, which raises safety issues, which can also lead to anxiety. During such times, it is best to take relationship counselling from the Best Psychologist near me in your area to resolve the issues immediately.

Challenges with finances: Trips to your partners’ location often have to be planned ahead of time, taking into consideration the schedule of your partner’s availability and travel costs. Furthermore, a substantial amount of money is used up on telephone bills and broadband data services in order to remain connected with your partner online.

The challenges of intimacy: Obviously, the majority of couples aren't happy with the concept of cyber-sex. The fear of being judged and the insecurity that prevails, prevent the couple from being intimate with one another on camera. Although sending kisses and hugs to your partner can provide a sense that you are in a relationship. However, the truth is, your desire to physically be close, does not come via the phone or Internet.

Technological difficulties: Communicating via Skype or any other video-based apps has its own unique difficulties. Quality of audio and video can be poor sometimes due to issues with your internet connectivity. Problems with mobile/computers can cause interruptions in your conversations.

Separation can be extremely stressful and contribute to loneliness for couples. But, regardless of these challenges couples have discovered ways to sustain their relationships while experiencing the security and satisfaction that intimate relationships can bring. It indeed requires a lot of work to keep a relationship. The following methods can help you make the most from your long-distance relationship.

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Going further Strategies to help LDRs work

Be trustworthy with each other : Developing and maintaining trust is at the heart of all relationships and LDR's do not differ. Insuring your spouse that you love them and are committed to your relationship creates feelings of trust and security. If partners feel difficulty in trusting each other, you both as a couple should definitely seek out help from the Best Psychologist counselor near me in the area for taking the best relationship counselling to resolve your problems .

Keep it positive. Concentrate on positive elements of the relationship. The distance and the space provided by LDRs offers you the chance to pursue your individual interests and professions, while keeping up with your friends. Enjoy your time with friends by being happy and positive.

Create and adhere to guidelines: Create some fundamental guidelines. What will you do to communicate? At what time you can contact them or they can contact you? Who is the person who will call? How long would you prefer to spend with friends and enjoy your pastimes?

Creating realistic expectations Divergent workloads as well as lives can lead to many conflicts between the partners. Knowing the schedules of each other and their priorities assists in the prevention of unrealistic expectations and, consequently lessens the conflict.

Make time to see one another: Studies show the fact that LDR couples who meet each other face-to-face often feel more content within their marriages more so than LDR couples who don't. Make sure to schedule a visit frequently. Making use of video chat frequently can improve your connection.

Be aware of conflicts: Important things can be better communicated over the video or in person since there is less chance of being misinterpreted as when compared to chatting or messaging. Furthermore, listening attentively to your partner with no interruptions shows respect for the feelings of your partner. If conflicts are unavoidable, it is suggested to take advice from a Best Psychologist near me  in the area for couple counselling to make the relationship good.

Be transparent: Disclosing your feelings like "I feel frightened when we don't talk for more than a day" or "I'm feeling very tired today" assists your partner to be aware of what you're experiencing and how to respond accordingly.

Make your partner an integral part of your daily life: Don't just present your "good side" to your partner or discuss your love for each other. Discussion about the events in your day-to-day life as well as your values and beliefs will help you and your spouse get to know each other better. Be honest about your relationship and the goals you have for the future. This will help you adapt better in the event when you and your spouse think about relocating together sometime in future. Take advice from a Best psychologist near me in the area, and go for Relationship counselling to make relationship happier.

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