If you want to have an amazing and memorable dinner in Dubai, then dhow cruise Dubai will be the best place to be visited. With the delicious dinner, you can enjoy the view of the skyscrapers and gentle water flows with soothing music and live dance.

Dhow cruise Dubai includes:

It includes a travelling package which consists of a delicious dinner Dhow Cruise Dubai Offers. Pick up and drop facility is a lot provided to the customers. With a beautiful dinner, you can enjoy the Dubai giant and huge building views, which lighten up at night.

The sound of water makes the feed more pleasant. The dhow sails in the water; thus, the picture changes after a while, making the dinner more beautiful. There is also live music which constantly plays in the background. You can also enjoy the live music on the dhow cruise Dubai.

Mesmerizing journey:

Dhow cruise Dubai is an astonishing and attractive waterfront development on the coastline. The overview of these giant and glittering buildings and delicious meals make the journey more mesmerizing and amazing.

Dhow is sailing over the water, creating a pleasant sound of water and a gentle breeze. Dhow cruise Dubai consists of the upper deck and lower deck, decorated amazingly and interestingly, giving an overview of Emirate style tradition.

Overview of Skyscrapers:

It also provides the facility to enjoy the view of giant skyscrapers of Dubai, such as Burj Al Arab. Hotel Atlantis, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina Mall and Jumeirah Beach Residence etc.

These amazing buildings are lit and glittered at night, making them very attractive. So viewing the stunning building make the dinner more beautiful.

Dubai city tour:

Dubai is an amazing place to be visited. It consists of modern architecture, charming landmarks and wide deserts. On the Dhow cruise Dubai, you can enjoy a delicious dinner and the amazing view of Dubai.

On the dhow cruise Dubai you can enjoy the beautiful building views such as Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Hotel Atlantis and Dubai Marina Mall. The dhow is decorated, which gives an overview of Emirate tradition and gives the idea about the culture and tradition.

The buffet includes a variety of food; there is also Arabic food. You can also enjoy the Arabic food in the dhow.

Buffet includes:

It is the best dinner to be enjoyed with the family and friends. It is also a good place to be visited with your loved one.

The buffet in the dhow cruise Dubai includes a variety of food and drinks. They also serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. At the start, they performed a variety of drinks and salads. All the food in the dhow is very delicious and mouthwatering.


If you want to visit this amazing and mesmerizing place, contact them. You have to book your reservation. There is the facility of pick and drop facility. You can also book it for any event to make it unique and special. You can also cancel your reservation if you cannot go to the dhow.

Pick and drop facility:

Dhow cruise Dubai gives the best facilities to their guests. They provide them with the facility of pick and drop. From anywhere in Dubai, you can enjoy the pick and drop facility. They can pick me up at a fixed time.

Try to reach the spot a few minutes early so that you may not miss the facility. If you are anywhere away from Dubai, such as Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, you will also be given the pick and drop facility, but you must pay extra charges.

Perfect Venue for Events:

If you are thinking of any event and want to make it very special and unique, this dhow cruise Dubai is the perfect place to be selected for the event. Dhow cruise Dubai can hold a large capacity crowd of almost 199 guests.

Dhow consists of the upper deck and the lower deck, so you can invite your loved one to your special occasion and event and make it unique and memorable. The event becomes more beautiful in the dhow, sailing on the water with a changing scene view.

They will give a live music facility, constantly being played in the background. Along with this, live dance performance is also part of the dhow cruise Dubai. If you are willing to have an event over the dhow cruise Dubai, you must contact them.

The manager will guide you through the packages. This place is the best place to celebrate a marriage anniversary, Birthday or another type of celebration.  

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To enjoy the best every dinner with your loved ones in Dubai, this amazing dhow cruise Dubai is the best place to be visited. Along with the delicious and mouthwatering dinner, you can also enjoy the live music, dance and sailing dhow with skyscrapers view.