Many people believe that friendship & politics don't always go together. Just as making new friends can be difficult, mixing politics and friendship can be just as difficult. When we first meet a potential friend, we know that talking about politics is taboo. Small talk is safe as long as we stay away from politics. Other taboo subjects are religion and sexuality. These issues can spark passionate debates that can seemingly lead to heated arguments when both sides cannot agree on their views. All in all, politics as an issue in the early stages of a friendship could almost certainly blow up a budding friendship too soon. It's always like that? Is it always wise not to get into politics with someone we've just met? Or is it okay to talk politics with the person you want to develop a good friendship and romance with in the future? Can friendship develop between you and another person if you hate their political views? On the other hand, is it necessary to always have the same political opinions to achieve full friendship?

In many countries today, the start of a political issue can trigger a very intense discussion, which in some extreme cases can even lead to violence. Therefore, in many cases, the advice still applies to avoid a political topic with a person you do not know. However, it is not always the rule. Many friendships begin at political conventions attended by people with different political views. You may be surrounded by thousands of good people who hold extreme political views, but you also stand a good chance of making new friends and having a good time debating opposing political views. It is not uncommon for many people to get to know a stranger intensively and only later realize that they have opposing political views. With the Australian general election approaching, many Australians will be involved in many instances of political debate but know their network of friends will not be greatly affected.

While most people are not overly passionate about their political preferences, political views can still destroy friendships and even marriages, especially in the early stages. That's the real reason why it's generally accepted to avoid politics when talking to a stranger or someone you don't know well. In some cases, even close friends choose not to discuss politics. It's a fact that there are people who aren't just tolerant of people who have different views on politics. Therefore, it is very difficult to forge real friendships or love when one of the parties has opposing political beliefs.

Despite this phenomenon, some people managed to form successful marriages and friendships, although both parties have different points of view. Is there a secret behind these success stories? Successful friendships and marriages are also possible when two people have opposing political beliefs, as long as they are not overly passionate about their respective views. Other cases use their opposing viewpoints to spice up their marriage or friendship by constantly engaging in healthy debates. In this case, respect for both parties is high and even their political views cannot break their friendship. More often than not, however, close friends who do not share the same political beliefs simply avoid engaging in political discussions.

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