In response to reports that President Biden Ketanji will nominate Brown Jackson, Rahna Epting released the following white hat ranker statement:

“President Biden's announced nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court is a historic moment for our country and the ongoing fight to secure equality before the law. We've gone over 240 years without a black woman on the Supreme Court, and it's time we saw a terrific candidate bring that perspective.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is a highly skilled attorney with a distinguished background spanning Harvard Law School, a Supreme Court clerkship, and a D.C. judgeship. The appellate circuit is expanding. She is the first candidate since Thurgood Marshall to have experience as a defense attorney.

“We look forward to early confirmation that the GOP should have no qualms, given Sen. McConnell's track record of fast-tracking Supreme Court nominations.

“Today's historic announcement will undoubtedly trigger a nasty cesspool of racist and sexist attacks from the right. MoveOn members across the country will stand with Judge Jackson and hold accountable all political leaders responsible for cowardly slander in November. »

“While it will take more than one candidate to restore balance to the Supreme Court, which has been hijacked by right-wing power grabs, MoveOn members are ready to see Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmed in this critical and historic moment." lobby to defend against attacks and misinformation during this process.