Washington exposed his 'commanders' as if he had ruined everything else
If you think Tom Brady was blasted by some national NFL reporters over the weekend about his impending retirement and posted in an Instagram post on Tuesday morning, at least he didn't take a lazy approach and ignore it. Now you know that fact. Attempts to transform the former Washington football team into their new monikers, commanders, were lazy, messy and confusing from the start.

Washington commanders now play at FedEx Field in the Maryland suburb, five miles from the nation's capital. And very happy. Yes, you get to hear more applause during the cartoon sketches between 1975's Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Daniel Snyder, the owner of a team with a terrible reputation among Washington fans and in the NFL in general, joked on Wednesday morning. The press conference was "not the best kept secret." Is he in charge of the loose cookie jar that was inefficiently covered with a lid, and he wants to joke? Priority friend.

The "Commanders" moniker first emerged as a top franchise competitor in early January, when it was mentioned on the team's website, among other possibilities, such as "Admirals", "Navy", "Brigade", "Presidents", "Network". . Hogs "and" Defender ". But Twitter reported on January 26 that the "Commanders.com" domain name had been transferred to MarkMonitor, a company the NFL and its affiliates use to run most of their official websites.

On Monday, veteran Washington quarterback Joe Thisman said in a radio interview that he hopes the name will be accepted: "Commander, this is basically Washington DC. Many commanders in Washington DC, in the Pentagon and in many branches of the service. Thisman said. The interview took place before the official debut of the name again. And on Tuesday, the helicopter driver for NBC's Washington-affiliated WRC caught a glimpse of the Commander's icon already displayed on FedEx. Again, before any official announcement.

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Snyder will never admit that he didn't get his first preference in new teams, but random Virginia Actuary's efforts may have successfully blocked the Washington football team from some more desirable team names, according to sports lawyer Dan Lust. Already registered options include Red Wolves, Tribe, Redtails, Renegades, Herald and Justice, which are more appropriate than commanders.

Now the NFC East has Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and ... commanders. Did this result in a nearly two-year wait to complete the rebranding, far from the previously well-known Redskins? "Disappointing" doesn't sound like a frustrating word. It was like launching a new coke. After all this time and by deploying all those resources, can you make the best of it? Commander's Swap should complete nearly three decades of makeover for the district's professional sports scene, with changes to color scheme and other moniker swaps, such as Bullets to Wizards.

Washington should follow the playbook established by the former Cleveland Indians, now nicknamed the Guardians. He gave a name that felt like his predecessor, freed from all racism and honored a unique part of the city's history. The commanders, at best, are part of it, at worst, they achieve nothing. This is a team based in D.C. Dressed in red and yellow that could be shortened to "communist", Snyder or anyone working for him did not hesitate to choose. Let's make sure Native Americans feel better, but why don't we give our hats off to Stalin?

Putting the "red" part of the name would have been a big win for the fans. Should they now sing "Hell to the Comes" or will that well-known fighting song be canceled? Change is not a bad thing, especially if it leads to better pastures at the end of the tunnel. Going in and out, the other side is still sucking. The new franchise is the armor of its predecessor. A quarter of a century ago, Washington had the most rude and loyal fan base in the NFL, the dream of any player.