The Kansas City Chiefs may need to find a replacement for Tyrant Mathieu as NFL free agency quickly approaches. Which players are good?

Tyrann Mathieu helped bring a championship to Kansas City while being one of the team's best defenders and leaders.

Few want him to go on a show of hands, but it's a possibility the Chiefs need to be prepared for on the show of hands approach.

Until an extension is signed, a replacement for Mathieu should be considered.

3 Tyrann Mathieu Replacement for the Chiefs in the NFL Free Agency
It looks like Landon Collins could be cut by Commanders after three years in Washington, putting him on the market as a free agent.

He hasn't returned to the heights he reached with the Giants as a three-time Pro Bowler, but a change of scenery and more time since his 2020 Achilles injury could get him back there. He might have a chance to find himself under Steve Spagnuolo while escaping a franchise that hasn't exactly given players much of a chance of success lately.

Last season, Collins had three sacks, seven tackles for loss and two interceptions, which tapered into a safety role closer to the line of scrimmage. If the Chiefs focus on his strengths, he could help them cover the potential loss of Mathieu, even though he's not at a comparable level at this stage.