As much as I enjoyed John Krasinski's A Quiet Place, I never expected it to become a franchise. After a long delay due to COVID, A Quiet Place 2 finally hit theaters last year and we also have a spin-off on the way, but it looks like we'll be returning to the Abbott family story with A Quiet Place 3 as well.

John Krasinski announced A Quiet Place 3 during a Paramount Investor Day presentation, but he didn't give many other details other than that it will hit theaters in 2025. No writer or director has been announced for A Quiet Place 3, but it is expected. Krasinski back. Emily Blunt said last year that the latest film was being conceived as the second in a trilogy.

She always said when we got close to this one. I said, "I don't think you should consider this a sequel, but this is chapter two. It's just a sequel." I think there's been so much investment in this family, so many miles to expand into this kind of extraordinary world, that this is the sequel. When this family has to venture, the story ventures, the world gets bigger. But I think I always felt like I'd still write something powerful and intimate and intense. I think there's room.

The next Quiet Place movie will be a spinoff originally slated to be directed by Jeff Nichols. After Nichols retired, he was replaced by Michael Sarnoski, who is ecstatic about the success of Nicholas Cage's Pig. Based on an idea by John Krasinski, The Quiet Place spinoff was originally scheduled to hit theaters next March, but was pushed back to September 22, 2023 last month.