Who’s ready for even more flesh and blood Speed Racer?

Translation resultsstar_borderThough it's only been 14 years since the last live-action adaptation of Speed Racer from a Western production studio, Apple and J.J. Abrams are stepping up to make another.

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Variety reports that Apple and Warner Bros. Television Studios are teaming up to produce a new Speed Racer executive produced by J. J. Abrams and Ron Fitzgerald (Westworld) and Hiram Martinez (Snowfall) as co-showrun.

Like the 2008 film, the 1960s anime series, and the original Mach Go Go Go manga on which they are based, the new Apple TV Plus series will tell the story of Speed, a young race car driver who lives in the shadow of his (presumably) long-lost brother.

While the new Speed Racer has reportedly been in development for some time, there are currently no details on how closely it will hold on to the source material, who the cast will be made up of, or when the series might debut.