Three weeks ago, I opened a box containing the Steam Deck, Valve's amazing new gadget that tries to make PC gaming portable - and sometimes very successful. Today you don't have to read a 4,000 word review or listen to me on The Vergecast for 30 minutes explain my giant cartoon heart eyes to understand my very big feelings: we have a video for you showing the game's biggest wins and biggest shortcomings.

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And it all starts with an original Nintendo Game Boy.

Correct: no Nintendo Switch. My family's carefully preserved 1989 Game Boy, previously featured here. You'll understand why long before you're done.

Also, you'll see and hear a few things that didn't match my text note. How does the noisy fan sound? What is the wifi speed? You want proof that I played GameCube games on this thing? Everything is here.

And if you have any questions until the end, please send them to me in the comments, @starfire2258 on Twitter, or to [email protected]. Not only am I still testing the deck, but I'm also working on a big FAQ.