As much as fans loved Matt Reeves' dark take on The Batman, ask a lot of people what the best Batman movie on the big screen is and they'll answer Christopher Nolan. The dark knight.

The legendary sequel to 2005's Batman Begins, this epic forever changed the way comic book movies were viewed.

Until then, they were seen as entertaining potential blockbusters but without any artistic value. When The Dark Knight came along, critics suddenly started taking the genre seriously.

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The film also became a pop culture phenomenon, launching director Christopher Nolan to the top of the A-list, establishing Christian Bale as perhaps the definitive screen Batman (up to that point), and making Hans's iconic soundtrack. Zimmer of such influential blockbusters. in that day.

The most famous aspect of the film, however, is undoubtedly Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker.

Tragically, he would pass away before the film was released, but would go on to win a posthumous Oscar and become a pop culture icon whose status has not diminished in the 14 years since the film's release.

In this episode of DC Revisited, we take a look at the making of Nolan's classic, examine how the film's cast was chosen, the backlash from the MPAA (which nearly gave the film an R rating), and its lasting impact on the film. pop culture, is more than a blockbuster movie. It was a true phenomenon.

This episode of DC Revisited is written and edited by Adam Walton, narrated by Tyler Nichols, and produced by Chris Bumbray. Watch previous episodes below and let us know in the comments how you think The Dark Knight holds up.