We may not have that opportunity this year, but who hasn't bought a seat in the bleachers at a Major League Baseball game and tried some after the third inning - or the third beer, whichever comes first to find better views, or who get free concert tickets at their part-time job in high school and walked down a few floors after realizing how high the seats nosebleed at SeatGeek Stadium in the suburbs from Chicago?

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If a season ticket holder wasn't selling tickets for a game they couldn't attend, why waste that space? However, former NBA champions attending a game - at the stadium where they won a championship - usually don't have to attempt this caper.

An ABC camera showed Glen "Big Baby" Davis sitting behind one of the baskets during the Sunday afternoon broadcast of the Boston Celtics' 126-120 victory over the Brooklyn Nets. This camera showed Davis live during that unfortunate moment when he was caught trying to watch the game from a better location. He was then forced to utter that familiar phrase of defeat: "These seats." No question mark is needed, it's a statement.

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Maybe Davis was more confused than embarrassed, because who comes on in the third quarter with two minutes left? Traffic in the Boston area may not be very clear at 1 p.m. on Sunday, but come to the game two hours after the tip? It's ridiculous. It's so late in the game that the bars are about to close. Don't make me so comfortable in your seat that I forget I didn't buy it. At this point, my standard of living became too high to go back.

I'd almost be ready to go fund me to get better seats for Davis if it wasn't for that lame t-shirt he's wearing. It was a t-shirt with the Celtics logo on it that said "respect the logo". There's no one more lame in sport, athlete or non-athlete, than the people who were offended when Kyrie Irving stepped on Lucky, the midfield logo.

Not only is Lucky not a real boy, he's instead made of paint and wood, and players step on it throughout the game every season. Someone literally stands on Lucky's stupid face in front of every house for 30 seconds, waiting for the ref to throw the opening pick. Players stand on it, cut on it, jump on it, stomp on it, sweat on it, sometimes even bleed on it. And those who love the Celtics were upset that Irving kicked him aggressively after being teased for an entire game.

I know sports are emotional, but guys, this needs to stop. Unless someone digs up the logo in the middle of the field or yard and steals it like an old fraternity joke, nothing bad has happened. For those of you who think otherwise, you deserve to see the logo pooped, or at least be forced to give up your spots on a national show while a chyron displays your legal name and nickname.