We rank the most shocking results of the last 55 years

As of Saturday, the line in Super Bowl LVI is Rams -4, one of the tightest spreads in the history of the big game. Although the Bengals are technically the home team, the Rams obviously play in their own stadium, so the current lineup suggests they are two even teams. Although the Super Bowl is designed to bring together the two best teams in the sport, the game hasn't always been so even.

Which game is the biggest surprise? We'll sort them out, see if you're okay with that.

  1. New York Giants via New England Patriots, 2008

The Patriots entered Super Bowl XLII with a perfect record. They had been undefeated throughout the regular season and easily defeated the Jaguars and Chargers in the playoffs after earning a narrow victory over the Giants in their final game of the season. The line was Patriots-12, and with 2:42 left in the game, the Patriots were ahead 14-10. It was Eli Manning's turn to lead a winning drive, and the drive he did: The final minutes of this Super Bowl are NFL legend. In a third and fifth game, David Tyree completed the famous helmet catch for a 32-yard gain, literally using his head to keep possession.

The Giants continued to score and Brady couldn't get back down for 29 seconds. The perfect season was ruined by one of the biggest upsets of all time in the history of professional sports.

2. New York Jets over Baltimore Colts, 1969

“We will win this game. I guarantee it."

Heading into Super Bowl III, the Jets were 18-point underdogs. Jets quarterback Joe Namath's public reaction to a Colts fan would actually generate shocking emotion against a team that would later be touted by the media as the "greatest team in professional football history," even though the Colts played with a backup quarterback all season. The Jets' star receiver had been injured in the AFL championship game, but that information was not released, allowing the Jets to use him as bait for the Colts' defense to zero in on him, which it allowed Namath to take advantage of other wide receivers. notably, George Sauer, Jr.

Despite a fourth-quarter performance in which Johnny Unitas, the Colts' injured original starter, took the field for the first time this season and scored a touchdown followed by the Colts recovering an onside kick, the Jets were able to fend off the champion. of the NFL.

3. Denver Broncos via Green Bay Packers, 1998
John Elway forever changed his legacy in this game when the Broncos ended a 13-year losing streak in the AFC with a stunning victory over Brett Favres Packers. The Packers were defending champions, double-digit favorites and a franchise looking to start a dynasty. The Broncos had lost four Super Bowls, three of them to Elway, all overwhelmingly.

Denver's Terrell Davis was the star of the game, rushing for 157 yards and a Super Bowl-record three rushing touchdowns. Denver became the second wild card team to win the Super Bowl.