The company promised more details by the end of January. It is now the middle of February.

Nvidia announced two new desktop graphics cards at CES in January. One of them, the lower mid-range RTX 3050, has received awards and a release date, and reviews have already come and gone. The other, the high-end RTX 3090 Ti, had announced some of its specs, but the company said it would have more details "by the end of the month."

But we are already in mid-February and the company still has no news to announce. An Nvidia spokesperson told The Verge that the company "has no further information at this time on the fast but almost certainly expensive flagship GPU."

This follows reports in mid-January that the company and its partners had halted production of the 3090 Ti due to alleged problems with the GPU BIOS and the hardware itself. It's unclear if the fixes can be applied to GPUs already manufactured, but if the GPU chip itself needs to be reworked in some way, limited manufacturing capabilities could lead to significant delays given global chip shortages.

This saga is only really noteworthy because Nvidia seems to have missed its own deadline, and not because it actually makes a difference to most people - whether there are RTX 3090 Ti retail deals or not, you can't just walk into a store or visit a website and buy one. GPU prices seem to be trending slowly down as of this writing, but it's likely to be a while before it's easy to pick one up at the advertised asking price. I don't recommend that Nvidia release the 3090 Ti before the actual hardware is ready! I'm just saying that in 2022 it would be very difficult to tell the difference.