UPDATE: After grossing $21.6 million in Thursday night's preview, The Batman went up to $57 million on Friday, an improvement from early estimates which had it slightly lower. The good news is that the film earned an "A-" CinemaScore among early viewers, which shows that word of mouth is moving in a very positive direction. It looks like a $120 million opening weekend right now, but we'll have to see how Saturday's numbers pan out. Watch out for the full cash report tomorrow!


The Batman began its mighty box office journey with a premiere last night and got off to a truly heroic start.

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The Batman kicked things off Tuesday and Wednesday with a special showtime-only preview, mostly on IMAX screens. Those numbers totaled $3.7 million, and Thursday's preview numbers recorded $17.9 million from 3,300 locations as of 3 p.m. That means preview numbers hit $21.6 million throughout the weekend, expanding the film to 4,217 slots today.

For comparison, The Batman Thursday preview numbers are ahead of fare such as Justice League ($13 million, opening $93.8 million) and Wonder Woman (opening $11 million). , opening $103.2 million), but below The Dark Knight ($18.5 million, opening $158.4 million). ), The Dark Knight Rises ($30.6 million, opening $160.8 million), and Batman v Superman ($27.7 million, opening $166 million). I'm giving these numbers for opening weekend because The Batman could be somewhere between those numbers on its opening weekend, depending on word of mouth and whether the runtime puts off some moviegoers. At this point, it looks like Batman fans are flocking to the movie and a healthy opening weekend that could top the box office chase. For those of you collecting points, I've predicted an opening weekend of $125 million, so we'll see how my predictions pan out when the final numbers are out.

At Deadline, Warner Bros. reported that The Batman had already seen $50 million in pre-sale prices by the weekend, and they saw the movie was not yet preloaded. Strong ticket sales are expected not only today, but also on Saturday.

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