After years of court appeals, Ed Buck was sentenced to 30 years in prison on Thursday for the murderous drug-fueled "parties" he hosted from 2011 to 2019.

Federal judge hands down 30-year sentence

A jury found the wealthy white heavyweight donor guilty of nine felonies for multiple felonies. His criminal behavior included injecting methamphetamine into two black men, Gemmed Moore and Timothy Dean, which later caused his death.

Gemmed overdosed on strength in 2017 and Timothy died in January 2019. But those calls for justice were only answered last July when sentencing was handed down. Months after Timothy's death, another man overdosed twice in one week at Ed's apartment. The man survived, and the following week police arrested Ed.

California Judge Christina A. Snyder sentenced the 67-year-old woman to 360 months behind bars on two counts of distribution of methamphetamine that resulted in her death, authorities said.

Note: - More about this source 30 years for Injecting Two Black Men with Fatal Doses of Meth

A jury also convicted Ed of "four counts of distribution of methamphetamine, one count of drug-related premises maintenance, and two counts of inducement into interstate commerce for the purpose of prostitution." for court documents.

Ed Buck Throws Killer Parties Fueled by Drugs

During Ed's indictment in 2019, additional details about the acts behind what Predator called the "gates of hell" were revealed. Prosecutors said Ed had a habit of inviting men to his apartment, supplying them with drugs and performing sexual acts. According to NPR, he described the "constantly visiting" black youths as "social work clients" for their neighbors, but that was far from scripted.

The 2019 indictment described Ed's "party and play" pattern. Ed targeted men in particular by connecting to social media, in particular through a gay dating site. After sentencing, prosecutors described how Ed sought out people, particularly black men, to victimize