Although Jim Harbo is not a Minnesota Vikings man, he is willing to go ahead without naming his head coach.

On Wednesday, all the buzz suggested the Minnesota Vikings had found their next head coach, having left Mike Zimmer behind. And he was a big name, it was hoped that both sides would meet, they were going to get Jim Harbo out of Michigan and into the NFL.

However, that was not the case. Although Harbaugh and Minnesota met for nine hours Wednesday, the organization did not offer the Wolverine head coach an offer to return to the NFL, and Harbaugh has since told people in Ann Arbor that he will stay until have them. To the

So where did they leave the Vikings? Well, apparently his plan B was locked and loaded.

Shortly after the news that Harbo would not be coming to Minnesota, NFL Network's Tom Pelisero, among others, reported that the Vikings had invited two of the other three finalists, Patrick Graham and Rahim Morris, to tell them. Running, of course, left the other finalist, Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O'Connell, now the favorite for the job.

Vikings rumours: Kevin O'Connell expected to be next head coach
Jokes about Sean McVeigh's coaching tree were numerous and amusing as interviews and quotes rolled in, but it wasn't hard for them to find success when McVeigh and one such offshoot, Zac Taylor, squared off in the Super Bowl in February. 13

O'Connell, of course, has to take care of that game before he moves to Minneapolis. Now, however, it looks like he is Zimmer's successor and is trying to revive the Vikings as NFC North playoff contenders.

It's also hard not to get a little excited about that possibility. O'Connell studied under McVay in Los Angeles and now joins a team of offensive talent around Kirk Cousins ‚Äč‚Äčthat includes Delvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielin.

We'll have to wait for this appointment to become official, but Minnesota fans can go ahead and start thinking about Kevin O'Connell as their new head coach based on everything we know at this point.