Brooklyn was not where he wanted to be, but he is happy in Philly now.

Apparently, James Harden apparently did not choose and chose his business goal in the agreement that sent him to Brooklyn's networks last January. If I would have asked the most part of the people, including those of the media, about how this trade went out, he has no doubt that he would have hardened him that he curing he with the old OKC buddy Kevin-Durant had played and a new to play great three together with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. But now he's hardening, he tells us that we went to Brooklyn, not his choice.

"I wish I had worked so, an organization must do what's best for your team ... It did not work so I had to go to Brooklyn."

When the news of Houston's descent was announced last year by Houston by Houston, it was easy to put two and two together when we realized that I would play with the networks and former Durant teammates. It felt like the movement made sense to harden and then take. I have billed it to have been another case of the NBA players who deal with their power to make a big problem to compete a title.

Now we know that this was hardly hardened. However, I'm not surprised that it does not work. I was always safe from the hardening and irving mix, whether in terms of basketball or simply a personality shock. It just seemed like I would be a volatile situation while I ended. The hardening and permanent reports that are not on the same side were more surprising. Many people thought their story would make a simple transition when it was cured. Obviously, that's not what happened. His thunder from OKC was nearly a decade in the rear view for this point. Both players had grown dramatically during this time and change dramatically. Therefore, you hear that there was a shock between hardening and KD, not what takes into account when you recover the personalities and styles involved.

I will be honest, I do not buy this idea that hardness had zero contributions to determine wherever she quoted when quoted when leaving the missiles. We all know the power that the star players own in the NBA. Hardening lets it sound as if they were just leaning back and waited until their trade was completed. Let's go. I'm sure I have loved it to join Dynyn Moryy in Philly last year, but all this was developed in Ben Simmons Playoff's debacle. Therefore, this may have been more difficult to go at this time without curing Simmons or Joel Embid.

On paper it seems that the 76er is a maximum of lawyers at the eastern conference after cured trade. But what happens on paper and what happens can be incredibly different scenarios. So wace, it hardens where you want to be now, and the world of NBA is waiting to see how it and the embid fit in the square. Hopefully the Sixers have paid up and do not fall in the same cases that represent the networks with hardness.