Universal's Nope from director Jordan Peele is one of those rare modern movies with so much hype surrounding it that it's so close to its release date without audiences really knowing it.

Building that kind of suspense is a big gamble on the studio's part, which could go either way, but Nope's first trailer certainly gives the impression that Peele has done it again: "that" here means "something horrible itself." same". become a work of art that we will all be obsessed with.”

The first trailer for Nope features ranchers Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as they spend their days working with horses on farms while dreaming of succeeding as professional horse handlers for film productions. Just when it looks like the pair might be on the brink of a breakthrough, a strange atmospheric anomaly sets in that begins to terrify the local wildlife, with at least some of the people beginning to see the thing as an "evil miracle." The shorter footage of what looks like some kind of UFO might indicate that Nope is a movie about aliens making contact with Earth, but it's entirely possible that the story is just about a group of people genuinely terrified by a killer cloud surrounding them. horses I want nothing to do with.

Nope also stars Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea, and Michael Wincott. It hits theaters on July 22.