Russia's invasion of Ukraine immediately doomed other countries, and while they won't send troops to help Ukraine's defenses, the deluge of sanctions pouring in from all directions will certainly hit hard. Russia.

We've seen companies and organizations do their part to pressure Putin's Russia - hacktivist collective Anonymous has certainly been hard at work here - and Twitter today announced that it will step up its fight against Russian media misinformation.

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A tweet from Twitter's Site Integrity Manager, Yoel Roth, explains that starting today, the social network will add tags to tweets to help identify tweets from media sites affiliated with Twitter. Russian state.

But that's not all. The company will also take steps to reduce the distribution of this content on Twitter.

Roth explains further in the thread:

As people turn to Twitter for credible information about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we understand and take our role seriously. Our product should make it easy to understand who is behind the content you see and what their motivations and intentions are.

Since the invasion, we've seen more than 45,000 tweets a day sharing links to pro-state Russian media. Although we've flagged the accounts of hundreds of global state media outlets for years, the tweets that shared their content lacked visible context.

We've learned that flagging Tweets is another way to add useful context to conversations about some of the most critical topics like COVID-19 and global elections.

This work builds on the many steps we've taken over the past week, from suspending ads in Ukraine and Russia to launching timeline prompts with the context of the crisis. We remain vigilant and will keep you informed.