Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal didn't have many concrete answers for staff about what will happen once Elon Musk takes over the company later this year. In a virtual phone call Monday, hours after the company announced it had agreed to be acquired by Musk for $44 billion, Agrawal fielded questions about the future of his job, managing the company's board of directors and possible layoffs.

“Once the deal closes we don’t know which direction the platform will go”

The layoffs are not planned "at this time," Agrawal said, according to a person who heard the comments and asked to remain anonymous. Agrawal also said he would remain CEO until the deal closes, but would not comment on what would happen after that. The company's board of directors will be dissolved once the deal is complete, said Brett Taylor, the independent chairman of the board.

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“Once the deal closes we don’t know which direction the platform will go”
"In fact, there is uncertainty about what will happen after the deal is complete," Agrawal told staff.

Since Musk's intention to buy Twitter became public earlier this month, some Twitter employees have expressed uneasiness or outright resistance to Musk's acquisition of the company. And Musk has made it clear that he wants to see changes to the platform, insisting that the attempts to buy him are not financial. Calling Twitter a "de facto public square," Musk said last week that he believes Twitter should "open source the algorithm."

Musk has repeatedly focused on Twitter's usefulness as a space for free speech, and the question of former President Donald Trump's presence on the platform was raised during today's all-staff meeting. Trump was banned from the platform in 2021, but Agrawal did not have a definitive answer on whether Trump would have access to his favorite social network in the future. Trump said today that he would not return to Twitter, even if his new owner welcomed him, and would instead use his platform Truth Social.

"Once the deal closes, we don't know which way the platform is going to go,"

Agrawal told staff regarding Trump, saying it was a matter that should be discussed with Musk.

The deal is expected to close later this year. Until Musk takes over, Twitter staff may have to wait and see how things turn out. "We don't have all the answers," Agrawal said. "It's a time of uncertainty."