The rapper and former “The Source” owner’s order stems from a July 2020 incident between his son’s ex-girlfriend and mother Althea Heart and his boyfriend. Althea's boyfriend claimed that Benzino hit his truck. If you recall, during the incident in Braselton, Georgia, the two men exchanged words after the couple returned from a walk in the neighborhood. When Althea and her man finished, Zino met them in the man's truck.

Zino allegedly approached the man in a "threatening and harassing manner during the altercation." Zino recently sat down with All Hip Hop to explain the situation saying

Reviews:-  check my blog the benzino roommates turned themselves in  follwing a arrest warrents according to all hip hop.

ollowing the incident, Zino was ordered to appear in court via Zoom in April, but he missed the date after testing positive for COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the drama did not remain between the parties and the police. He quickly made headlines as images of his recent arrest made headlines. At the moment, there is no information available about the deposit. Roommates, we will keep you posted with more information on this case.