Teyana Taylor took her time to put an end to the rumors that were circulating about her personal life. Recently, TikTok user Klatsch made a reenactment video telling the story of a "singer with a TV show and 2 girls". The video and submission message did not name Teyana. However, the video contained footage of his home. Apparently the story was submitted by an anonymous individual. The person claims to be friends with someone who worked as the singer's assistant.

Teyana's response

Teyana responded to the situation by seemingly editing the caption of a previous Instagram post. At the post office, Teyana lay in a hospital bed after her team rushed her to the emergency room. At the time, she said her body "just let go." She canceled her participation in the concert "Woman It Forward" in Connecticut. Teyana began her response by acknowledging everyone who commented who visited the photo for "TikTok's YT lady."

"The person who sent this CAP-a** TikTok story is a jerk, the person who 'replayed' this CAP-a** is a jerk (they better have their coin ready), but the people who believed the CAP a** story are the biggest fools smh Y'all allowed a YT girl to do this shit during Black History Month," Teyana said.

The viral TikTok video

The anonymous person messaged Gossip, who shares "unconfirmed stories and parodies," according to his TikTok profile bio. Gossip turned the post into a video under a minute long. The gossip used images suggesting that Teyana and her husband Iman Shumpert are the subjects of the "hot pipe tea", as described by the anonymous source. The video featured footage of Teyana's 2D house design. Gossip also included a photo from the "Dancing with the Stars" stage to reference the "man's performance." As you may already know, Iman and her partner Daniella Karagach won the November contest.

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The Gossip video claims the 'singer' was upset when she saw her husband being congratulated on TV after he cheated on her. A few days after the performance, the singer reportedly displayed "irregular" behavior while consuming "lots of candy". At this point in the video, the singer walked into a bathroom and didn't respond for a few minutes. After the team found the singer on the floor, they took her to the emergency room.

"28. November "We have to post on his Insta why the concert had to be canceled and make his body seem like he's 'shutdown' from exhaustion," the TikTok video wrote.