Hand-on: The curious links are based on the environmental sound that was started today for $ 180.

Headphones have a unique design of "Open Ring", which is built to leave it in environmental noise next to their music, with the aim of keeping the users carefully attentive to their environment. This brings the headphones in contrast to the other Sony high-carbon radio headphones, the clumsier than WF-1000xm4, which represents the active noise suppression, to block as much external sound as possible.
The referees cost 180 US dollars and are available today from the order with the program on 17 February. I had the headphones by hand for a few days; Here are some impressions of my tests.

Hug the donut.
If you have used a few noise cancellation headphones in recent years, it is a great way to have a kind of "environmental sound mode" or "transparency". This is a configuration that uses the built-in microphones of a headphone to accommodate the sound of your environment and then return to them in real time. The idea is to enable users' awareness of the environment without having to completely resign their music or podcast. It may be annoying to physically delete your headphones anytime you need to hear a quick display on the bus or have a five-second conversation with a colleague. If you are out for a trot, it is soothing to listen to when the cars happen. If your headset has a good environmental tone mode, you can at the same time hear the real world and entertainment.

With many headphones a transparency mode is just one of the multiple configurations you can select. With the link connections Sony has created the headphones based on this environmental noise. Instead of using microphones, to detect and reproduce sounds from the noise, a method that can sound in the best implementations in the best implementations (for example, airpods per, for example apple), but in many cases still a little distorted are one Environmentally sound by a design that has donut holes in it.

Place another form that links are another pedestal in the "open" headphones. The resulting effect is not too different from the "non-sealed" options such as the first and third generating air access, which can rest outside the ear canal and therefore leaves external noises. With its 12mm drivers cut in the form of a ring, the links explicitly explicitly illustrate to enable the goal of enabling the environmental noise.

In addition to the holes of the donuts, you should first take into account the connections that they are impressively small. Your fall is one of the little ones I saw in a real wireless headset, and the headphones themselves are equally compact. From a distance, it would be difficult that other people notice that they wear them.

Unusual design also requires a different type of adaptation. Nothing comes in the auditor's duct, but the referees still feel out completely in the ears, without "trunk" of airpods style. The annular driver is based on the bottom of the exterior ear (hidden behind the antitagus if you want to get techniques), while a soft silicone "carrier" goes under your top ear "flap" (or antihelix) to keep the headset instead .

The link connections are definitely not so fast that you come along the traditional headphones along the traditional headmail and get a good fit here, it is essential for a decent sound quality that is logged in. You will not be so sure that you exercise as a few usual headphones with wing tip. However, they did not take me more than second or two to enter their place after the first few pairs of meetings, and they were not pressed or released as I moved. There is no foam padding, but the plastic housing of the connections is soft, soft and exceptionally light, at 4.1 g. The setting creates little pressure on the ear, so I found that the headphone is pleasantly applicable for hours. A small piece connected with the ringer offers a natural place to snap it when you need to delete or paste any headset so that you never plug it in your ear. It's just important to find the right fit. Sony puts five pendants of various sizes in the box to help him.