Somehow, blindfolded, Trevor Zegras shoots and is mugged in a contest of skill.

The NHL doesn't even know how to fix it properly.

Trevor Zegras didn't make it to the All-Star Game, but the Anaheim Ducks center was invited to Las Vegas on Friday night to compete in the skills contest, specifically the Breakaway Challenge because the 20-year-old graduated from college. from Boston. things in his second season in the league.

This was a perfect showcase for a special talent. Zegras may not be among the best players in the league yet: 12 goals and 20 assists in 42 games is pretty good, but not All-Star material, but his talent fully justified the invitation to Las Vegas, and he certainly did the best he could. that.

Zegras donned the uniform of an average Joe from the classic Las Vegas movie Dodgeball, he donned a blindfold and the mascots threw dodgeballs at him as he spun to score his goal.

He was perfect. The guy who was brought to the event to showcase his special talent did exactly what he was supposed to do with a performance that was well thought out to resonate with both the event crowd and the television audience.

So of course he didn't win.

Prominent St. Louis fan Jon Hamm, one of the event's judges, gave former Blues defenseman and current Las Vegas defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, the event's final competitor, a hint by awarding him a score of 19 , who somehow allowed herself to get through, then Pietrangelo... didn't even score against seminal legend Manon Rheaume, who stood out as one of the tournament's standout goalkeepers.

Pietrangelo's gimmick involved walking out, not moving at all, being harassed by Carrot Top from the stands, and then pulling out a drum line to run, after which he again had nothing in the way.

It was a profoundly silly ending to an event in which the second-highest score went to Devils winger Jack Hughes, whose contribution consisted of dressing up as a magician, packing a bunch of gear in a closet and wearing a miniature version of himself (the son of New Jersey's team manager) show up, and then the kid lets his shot take and score. That somehow scored a 59, above Zegras's score of 58.

Chicago's Alex DeBrincat shot a hangover-themed shot in which he dressed as Zach Galifanaki's character and had the Raiders quarterback throw a football at him, which he then placed in the crotch on the ice and shot into the net, unable to break the first three in this deception

This was an opportunity for the NHL to showcase young talent and let the world know that while Zegras isn't an All-Star yet, he is someone to watch. He has played the part of it. The league, and Jon Hamm, screwed it up.