Shaun White, three-time gold medalist, announces the Beijing Olympics will be his final competition

In big news from the 2022 Winter Olympics, legendary snowboarder Shaun White announced that this will be his final competition.

The American snowboarder Shaun White has been inspiring at every competition for years. White is attending the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics this winter and has three gold medals to her name.

All three gold medals were in halfpipe snowboarding. Now that White is 35, there has been speculation that this could be his last appearance at the Olympics. It turns out White said this will be his last competition in the sport.

"In my mind, I have decided that this will be my last competition," he said via the Associated Press.

Shaun White will retire from snowboarding after the 2022 Winter Olympics
At a meeting with the media in Beijing on Saturday, White confirmed that this will be her last dance. He called it "surreal," noting that it's been on his mind for a while.

Although he remains a real stud when strapped to his snowboard, White has struggled with injuries. These include problems with knees, back and ankles. This definitely took a toll on his body and prompted him to make the decision to pursue it as a career.

This is White's fifth appearance at the Olympics. Now he's hoping he can bring home another gold medal before the lights go out. That means you won't be depressed if you don't achieve this goal.

"I approach every race like you have to be happy with your own driving," said White. "And as long as you can get out there and put your best foot forward and get it out there, you can get out there and be good at it in your head."