Washington, DC – A survey of more than 300,000 MoveOn members in Arizona – many of whom volunteered for or otherwise supported Senator Sinema's latest campaign – found that 89% of them are less likely to support in the next election if they continue to obstruct President Biden. “Building Back Better” plan.

"Every part of President Biden's 'Build Back Better' program - jobs, care, climate and citizenship - is popular in Arizona, as is getting paid by charging the ultra-rich and big corporations their fair share of money. 'taxes,' Rahna told Epting. CEO of MoveOn. But if Senator Sinema continues to obstruct Biden on behalf of wealthy lobbyists and corporations, she will lose the support of Arizonans who need help — and who put her in power.

Responses from MoveOn members in Arizona:

“Senator Sinema does not represent her constituents. On the contrary, this senator is attached to corporate money and her own interests.

"I volunteered through [REDACTED] for their election. I'm ashamed to say it and realize the mistake I made. She has absolutely no interest in working for her constituents. She has people to whom she serves and works to earn her personal success and her money.

"I worked very hard to help get Senator Sinema elected. I felt like she was the only candidate representing the real constituency she would represent. I felt like she would listen to the people of Arizona and would bring OUR voices and OUR concerns to Washington. Turns out she only represents herself. If she continues this selfish showboating, I will do everything in my power to make her never be re-elected. President Biden's agenda is one that I and most Arizonans I know support."

“Senator Sinema does far less to support the average American than she does to support wealthy, corporate America.”

“If she doesn't support Biden's agenda, I won't support her. I already regret having voted for them as independents. Your actions in the Senate will not be soon forgotten.

"It's been a huge disappointment so far. She must care more about her constituents and less about big budget influencers. I voted and donated to Senator Sinema's campaign last time, but I don't I will not support her unless she seeks to support President Biden's agenda, which is very popular with voters and Democrats in particular."

As a grassroots, member-centric organization, MoveOn polls its members in every state to decide which candidates should be supported. In this poll, 89% of members said they would be less likely to support Senator Sinema if she continued to obstruct President Biden, 4% said it would make no difference, and 8% said they would more likely to support it.