This review examines the note-taking and inking performance of the Lenovo Precision Pen 3, the stylus that was released alongside the (Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Artist Review) in late 2021.

Ultimately, the pen is good for writing but not good for drawing.

I bought the pen from AliExpress for around $70. The Chinese words on the box say 2nd generation, but it's actually the Lenovo Precision Pen 3, model BTP-131.

The pen is included with the tablet in the United States. However, whether the pin is clustered depends on the region.

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There is only one spare pen tip in the box. Replacement nibs are not yet available at the time of this review.

The pen tip has a light texture but shouldn't wear out as quickly as it's quite smooth on the glass surface.

The cylindrical body has a matte textured surface and feels great in the hand. The build quality is solid.

The stylus supports tilt, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and palm rejection. There is no mention of Wacom AES which was used in the previous 2nd generation stylus.

The pen tip does not move when writing.

The stylus attaches to the back of the tablet for charging and Bluetooth pairing. Battery life is rated for 15 hours. A 15 minute charge gives you 25% battery life.

Due to the charging and pairing mechanism of the pen, this pen is not compatible with older Lenovo tablets. Although you can pair the pen with other tablets, which is not possible, you cannot charge the pen's battery.

Since the Lenovo P12 Pro has a laminated display, there's no space between the pen tip and the line below.

The stylus offers standard palm rejection and performs quite well. You can get perfect palm recognition with apps that only accept pen input for writing or drawing.

However, depending on the angle at which you hold the pen, you may experience cursor lag — the cursor moves away from the point of contact. Holding the pen at a 45 degree angle works well, but anything lower or closer to the screen will cause the cursor to lag.

The lines of the pen suffer noticeable jerks or wobbles, which negatively affects the drawing.

Write performance is not affected by shaking or oscillation. When writing, we write quickly and the lines are smoother and straighter. It's rare that you notice jitter, but it is rare.

The application pictured above is Wacom Bamboo Paper. There is a strict palm rejection mode and support for pressure sensitivity.

This app is Incredible Pro which has no print support. The thin and thick lines you see are handwriting applied by the software and they look pretty good.

Wacom Bamboo Paper and Incredible Pro can capture my handwriting quite accurately.

Even though the Lenovo P12 Pro has a 120Hz display, most apps still run at 60Hz. I didn't really notice any latency while typing.

My handwriting was not being captured very well with Microsoft OneNote. There seems to be more chance. There is also the common MS OneNote problem of the flickering text effect before the text settles on the paper.

These are the five pen functions provided by Lenovo. You can access these shortcuts by pressing the side button on the pen or by tapping the shortcut icon.

Here's what you can do:

Quick Notes: The note feature is extremely limited, so it's best to just use your favorite note app.
Screenshot: You can take partial or full screenshots.
Laser pointer: Turns the cursor into a big red ball with try. This is useful for presenting to show others where you are pointing.
Magnifier: zooms in on an area to see things bigger
Camera scanner: takes photos of objects, corrects perspective to remove distortion

However, I don't know why the camera scanner is grouped under the pen shortcuts.

You can use the camera scanner to photograph an obvious 3D option and the software will make adjustments to present you with the flat surface facing forward. It works very well.

I would rate the overall handwriting and note-taking performance 4.5 stars out of 5 or A-. It doesn't get a perfect score, because on rare occasions jitter/wobble can still be noticed when writing. For drawing purposes, this is a 3/5 or B-.