On the same day, shares in Peter Thiel's surveillance company Palantir Technologies fell more than 20%, CEO Alex Karp sent a letter to shareholders describing a world "at a tipping point" and a company on track to double its income this year. .

Palantir, a data and software company known for its national defense and intelligence partnerships with the federal government, was founded by a group led by Thiel and Karp in 2003.

Shares of the company fell to a record low on Monday after it said it lost $101 million more than expected in the first quarter of 2022.

These are some of the most memorable quotes.

A world at a "tipping point"

Karp opened his letter with a stern warning, alluding to the war in Ukraine and saying the world is "at a turning point."

“The world dramatically underestimates the threat of a nuclear conflict in Eastern Europe. The understandable desire to intervene must be specific and strategic, weighed against the risk of further escalation,” he writes.

Karp has previously acknowledged that "bad times are good times for Palantir." But in his letter Monday, the 54-year-old billionaire offered advice to leaders seeking peace in the region, even suggesting that to better understand Russia's strategy in Ukraine, leaders should try to "inhabit" the spirit of Putin.

"It is necessary, in domestic politics as in foreign policy, to inhabit the spirit and objectives of an adversary in order to prevail in the long run," he writes.

The End of “Authentic Speech” in America

Citing 20th-century German philosopher Theodor Adorno, Karp took aim at "withered" speech in the United States and shared his thoughts on the state of free speech in America.

"Authentic speech in this country has all but collapsed, largely because so few are willing or able to say what they really mean," Karp wrote. “Those seeking freedom of expression sought refuge and sought protection in established institutions. The Non-Aligned, however, now seem to be the freest.

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According to Karp, it is now more difficult to engage with opposing viewpoints because cancel culture has suppressed free speech, so people are afraid to voice their opinions.

“We are a company driven by ideas. And the openness to engage with the other, to understand the opposition, is a prerequisite for authentic thinking and creativity,” Karp wrote.

Don't even ask about the metaverse


Karp took issue with Silicon Valley's focus on the metaverse, which he said is a "distraction from the very real conflicts we face collectively."

"Such an escape is of no interest to us," Karp wrote. “At Palantir, we do not operate in the metaverse. There are enough challenges to complete in this one.

Double benefit in 2022

Despite Monday's record share price drop, Palantir remains optimistic about the company's recovery as the year progresses.

Karp wrote that he expects Palantir's US business revenue to double for the third year in a row by 2022, reaching $400 million, thanks to the company's ability to continue to profit from the pandemic and growing conflict. unstable in Europe.

In recent months, Palantir's work with the federal government has expanded through agreements with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services. The company also announced in March that several former government officials, including former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and former acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox, had joined its federal advisory board to bolster its national security efforts, according to Bloomberg.

"Now is our time," Karp wrote. “Our business is a rare combination from an investment perspective that combines value and growth aspects. We combine the resilience of the defense industry with the growth of a software company.