PayPal Participations (Nasdaq: PYPL) The shares glide 12% on the dinner after the guide route consensus estimates.

The company expects P1-adjusted EPS from ~ 0.87 $ vs. $ 1.16 consensus; It also expects to increase the sales of Q1 sales ~ 6% on a place, with income, without eBay (Nasdaq: eBay) to increase ~ 14%.

For 2022, the technical payment announcement expects that an adjusted EPS of $ 4.60 to $ 4.75 vs. $ 5.26 consensus; Guides for income growth ~ 15-17% of current aquatic prices, with revenues, without ebay, is expected to grow ~ 19% -21%.

PayPal also expects to add new net assets of 15 million 20m this year, and a total growth volume growth of 19% to 22% in current dot rates, ie less than the POS growth of 23%, which I had in 2021.

Q4 Non-GAAP EPS of $ 1.11, Ways The estimation of the average analyst of $ 1.12 by a cent, which coincided in the third quarter of $ 1.11, and in the fourth quarter of 2020 from 1.08 US Dollar has been raised.

The new net Active accounts added in the quarter were 9.8 m by 13.3 m in the third trimester; Ends 2021 with active accounts 426m.

Sales per Q4 of 6.92B ended the consensus of 6.89 to 6.89 to US $ 6.18B in the third quarter. Rose by 13% from 6.12 B in the fourth quarter 2020.

Transactions Income Q4 of 6.38b Vs. 5.61b in the third trimester; B-payment transactions5.34b vs 4.9b in Q3 and total payment volume of Q4 of 339.5b vs. $ 310b in Q3 and rose by 23% A / and in one place.

VENMO processed 60.6 to 60.6 to TPV in the quarter, an increase of 29% A / Y and compares in the third quarter with ~ 60.

The cash flow of 1.8 b operations rose by 31% and / and a free cash flow from 1.6 to 38%.

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