The attack on NVIDIA was reportedly a response to the company limiting the crypto-mining capabilities of its chips, but the details surrounding Samsung's leak are less clear. In fact, it's not even clear if Lapsus$ is responsible for the security breach that led to the theft of data from Samsung, or if the group simply managed to acquire it.

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So far, according to Bleeping Computer, Lapsus$ has only teased the data it claims to have received. But if the group's claims are true, it has three archives of Samsung data, including security product source code, encryption data, and backend data. Dates teased include:

Source code for each Trust Applet (TA) installed in Samsung's TrustZone environment and used for sensitive operations (e.g. hardware cryptography, binary encryption, access control)
Algorithms for all biometric unlocking operations
Bootloader source code for all recent Samsung devices
Qualcomm Confidential Source Code
Samsung Activation Servers Source Code
Complete source code for Samsung account authorization and authentication technology, including APIs and services
While Lapsus$ used the data obtained from NVIDIA to demand a ransom, it is unknown if the same thing happened to Samsung. Samsung hasn't commented on the issue so far, so we only have Lapsus$ news for now.