Get a mirror and start training your eyebrows because Groucho Marx is about to make his comeback. Based on Steve Stoliar's memoir, Raised Eyebrows: My Years Inside Groucho's House, the film stars Geoffrey Rush as comedy legend Groucho Marx. Oren Moverman (Bad Education, The Messenger) will direct the film Raised Eyebrows. He also wrote the screenplay together with Stoliar. Raised Eyebrows also stars Sienna Miller (American Sniper, The Lost City of Z) and Charlie Plummer (Looking for Alaska, Lean on Pete).

According to Deadline, Moverman's film Raised Eyebrows is set between 1973 and 1977. The film follows Steve (Plummer) who, under the watchful eye of Erin Fleming, enters the home of Groucho Marx to land his dream job of working for the frail elderly comedian (Siena Müller ). ), a younger woman who had taken over the personal and professional life of Brother Marx. Marx and Fleming had a contentious relationship in their later years, she was his devoted girlfriend-turned-manager. Power struggles culminate in a horror comedy in which obsession, love, celebrity, insanity, family and Hollywood are challenged and brought to a boil in an anarchic manner that could only be described as 'Grouchian'.

"It is a pleasure, an honor and a responsibility, and probably more, to work with this incredible cast on a story that I hope will take the genius of Groucho Marx all these years later to a new, provocative and... entertaining way . Steve Stoliar has given the world an incredible glimpse into a bygone era. Well done, we're gonna blast it like royalty," Moverman said.

Bailey added, "Having worked diligently for many years to bring Steve's brilliant true story to the screen, I am thrilled to have found the perfect cast of actors to play these rich but complicated characters, the Oren no doubt brought to life masterfully. Even in a world that tells us, "Never meet your idols," Steve's friendship with Groucho Marx, while filled with moments of heartbreaking humanity, proved to be an overwhelmingly positive and life-changing experience, an essence we hope to convey to our audience can catch."

Interestingly, Raised Eyebrows was first announced in 2015 with Rob Zombie directing. I imagine Zombie's take would have been very different than Moverman's, and I'm a little sad that we'll never see it. Even some test footage would have been cool to see. Oh good.

Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx was considered a comedic genius by his peers and fan base. He made 13 feature films with his brothers, the Marx Brothers, and even had a solo career with various appearances on radio and television. He was also the popular host of the game show You Bet Your Life. A master of witty comedy, Marx was known for improvising on the fly, often resulting in hilarious shots that made it to the final cut. His distinctive looks, which included glasses, thick Eugene Levy-style eyebrows, an awkward pose, a sleek mustache and exaggerated movements, made him an intriguing subject for the camera.

Believe it or not, I'm actually a fan of the Marx Brothers. Thanks to a good friend of mine I have seen several of his films and each and every one has been a delight. Yes, the humor is certainly a product of its time, but that's what makes it so charming. I'll be interested in seeing Rush's version of Marx when Moverman's Raised Eyebrows hits theaters.