I love this story of the joy of adoption. Cathy and I have had a very similar story of infertility for years and the utter joy of adopting our first born Christy. Maybe there is someone in your world who needs this blog of hope. By the way, ChristianParenting.org does a wonderful job of providing amazing content in a fresh way.

From Ashes to Beauty: My Story of Infertility and Adoption

Adoption was never on my radar growing up. Of course I thought it was a wonderful thing - for someone else. I could never have imagined entering this world.

And if I'm being honest, that's because it scared the shit out of me. I was afraid of the unknown. The upheavals. The potential grief. I just couldn't go.

And yet I am sitting here today. The new mother of two precious boys adopted in Ukraine, aged ten and six. Two of the greatest gifts of my life.

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A perfect start

Rewind me in time. The date is June 18, 2011. On my wedding day, I stand in front of the altar and say yes to the man of my dreams. As the sun went down on our beautiful, dreamy day, I distinctly remember thinking, wow, my life is perfect. Literally perfect.

Everything seemed pretty perfect back then. I was young, healthy, married to a great man, financially stable, and surrounded by loving friends and family. What could go wrong?

We were excited to start our own family and hoped to conceive in the early years. It didn't take long for our dreams to become a reality when I saw these double blue lines just after our second birthday.

But unfortunately my joy was shattered too soon when my pregnancy ended in miscarriage two weeks later. Devastated and shocked, we slowly moved forward trying to trust God. And then it happened again. Six months later, my second pregnancy also ended in miscarriage.

Our dream life turned into a little nightmare. god what are you doing My prayers were mixed with confusion, pain and tears. The next five years were filled with dozens of doctor visits and unexplained infertility diagnoses.

Then, shockingly, after our eighth wedding anniversary, out of the blue we got pregnant again. But our dreams collapsed when we lost the baby at 11 weeks.