Most of us thinks this question that when we can manage things on our own, but sometimes we can’t manage it all just because of misunderstanding, miscommunication and trust issues and that moment it necessary to have taken a third person advice who is experienced and deals with relationship/marital issues. A good Relationship Counsellor can help to resolve the issues which create between you and your partner.

There isn't a timing that is right or wrong for seeking assistance from an experienced Relationship Counsellor, but the earlier the better. Relationship counselling may be sought only after the situation has been thrown out of the window When the pain and hurt is too severe and most importantly, when they've already have lost all faith in their relationship. They turn to therapy as a final option. It is advisable to seek help in the event that you observe repetitive negative patterns that are evident in your relationship. In spite of you and your partner's efforts, if you aren't successful in reaching a solution or goal that you established in your relationship it is best to seek out professional advice from a counselling.

I'm not convinced that my spouse/partner will be in agreement with the Relationship counselling.

This is the case often that one of the partners is keen to undergo therapy, while the other would prefer to stay clear of it. A clear and positive dialogue between the two partners could help in resolving this issue. Instead of blaming the entire issue the other party, the burden of the issue must be shared. ("You are accountable for our problems ......" "I am aware that we've both made mistakes, but they can be solved if we put in an attempt"). If the spouse is informed of a bright future, the possibility of a better life and is assisted by an outside perspective, the dispute is able to be dealt with. It is vital that when both parties have agreed to go through Relationship Counselling. Then, they jointly choose the right Relationship Counsellor.

Differentiate between marriage/couple therapy and marriage/couple counselling?

In Marriage Counselling, the role of the Marriage Counsellor will be to help facilitate a smoother communication between the couple. The Relationship Counsellor acts as a mediator and deals with the present problems that the couple are confronting. He is more focused upon issues related to the "how" aspect of issue. The couple and the Marriage Counsellor can agree to a set of guidelines that will lead to the facilitation of communication and understanding between couple. Couple/marriage therapy is administered with a certified professional who concentrates at how to solve the "why" of the issue. He seeks out the root of the problem, and discusses the early years of child development as well as parenting and mental health, as well as the personality of both partners and pinpoints where the issue is coming from that affects the other partner. Instead of taking a random method, therapists in couple therapy are organized and follow a treatment strategy. After examining the complete background of the case, a goal is determined and then jointly the treatment plan is decided on how to change specific behaviors, and then improve the relationship.

Does my therapist fit for me?

There are some questions that you could ask instance: are you at ease and secure with your therapy therapist? Do you believe that your therapist has a good understanding of you? Do you believe that your therapist is fair and does everything professionally? Have you found the therapy to have helped your relationship? Are you able to confide in your therapist about all the details about your relationship or marriage?

No need to worry about this, TalktoAngel is confidential, secured and safe Relationship Counselling and online therapy platform. Your all information will be confidential and between your counsellor and your & your partner.