Thursday morning began with footage of a violent fight between Da Baby, her team and DaniLeigh's brother Brandon Bills. In November 2021, the online public witnessed a heated exchange between Dani and Da Baby, who share a young daughter. More than a month after Brandon made public threats in defense of his sister, he got into a physical altercation with Da Baby and her team.

What happened?
According to initial reports, the fight took place in Los Angeles. Multiple videos show Da Baby and Brandon exchanging inaudible words in a crowded bowling alley. Da baby ejects what appears to be the first punch. A mug falls out of Brandon's hand as he stumbles backwards on the slippery bowling lanes.

As Brandon tried to regain his balance, Da Baby and another man pushed Brandon to the ground. Other members of Da Baby's entourage follow immediately. Several men, including Da Baby, kick and punch Brandon. At one point, a man pulls Brandon's hair and repeatedly bangs his head and body against the rails.

After a few seconds of bumping, slipping, and slamming doors, Da Baby and her team walk away. Brandon follows him, apparently stalking his niece's father.

DaniLeigh answers
As the images began to spread, DaniLeigh took to Instagram to condemn her daughter's father for his actions.

"Licks like hell!!!! Ran into my brother on some slippery floors with 5/6 of you while he is all alone and not even touching him! Lame and soooo sad,” said Dani. "I pray this stops now! Because this is my family! And I have a daughter to raise. Sad."

A few hours later, DaniLeigh apparently deactivated her Instagram account. Brandon took to Instagram Live with some comments that appeared to be aimed at Da Baby. Along with an endless N-word spit, he said the fight wasn't "fair" and he was mugged after slipping on the rails.

"I was talking to you like a man my nigga I said come on let's talk one on one like some men me and you on the side my nigga..." Brandon said. "That sucks, no brownie dots in there..."

Earlier comments by Brandon
As previously reported, Brandon was ready to defend his sister after the insults, police involvement, livestream argument and Dani's charge of simple assault. He made several threats online, including a post inviting Da Baby to "see that fade." He also suggested organizing an official fight for the prize money.

Now the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the viral fight, law enforcement sources told TMZ. Authorities are reportedly investigating Da Baby for assault with a deadly weapon after Brandon was kicked in the head on the ground.