Kanye West is a mysterious man, but he's been baffling people for the past few days! He's gone from begging for Kim Kardashian during her show with Drake to jet-setting and snogging Julia Fox and now he's targeting his estranged wife and new boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Ye took to Instagram to get Kim's attention, flooding our feeds with posts about her children, the desire to get her family back together, criticizing Kim as a mom, and sharing her dislike for "Skete" Davidson. He's written so many posts that he finally found a way to contact Kimmy Cakes after claiming he no longer has her phone number.

He apparently ended the IG tirade with a post asking that no one harm Pete physically and even taking responsibility for the things he posted. Kanye's social media storm seems to be over as he's deleted all the drama from his side, but Charlamagne had some advice for Ye as a married partner.

"You will learn that wolves are not great pets," Charlamagne said during Tuesday morning's rumor report. "Besides, Kim has been rich her whole life, right? She has been rich since birth. Now she is rich. So what do you give the woman who has everything? Normal! And that's what Pete is giving him right now."

He went on to say that Kanye needs to develop a healthy co-parenting relationship with Kim for their children and has slammed culture for supporting his recent actions.

"It's driving him insane that he has so much money and she's not interested in any of it at the moment. Just be a good father to your kids and let marriage be king,” Charla continued. “And we also need to stop Mount D dysfunction. If it was someone else and not Kanye West and it wasn't the rich and successful person we wear in his shoes, everyone would get all sorts of slander for his bad activity at the moment and how he's going to win. Don't leave Kim alone now. So let it be."

Kanye and Kim are still handling their divorce proceedings, but it doesn't look like Ye will be signing any papers for her any time soon! We'll keep you posted, roommates.