The League investigated Delphiner owners about Affirmations Brian Flores' offered him money for the deposit

Although it is an absolute classic, Stephen Ross, he will probably not be able to use a "Effective Ske"! Gotcha! "Out of this.

Florio Florio de FrootballTalk of the NBC reported that it is "the belief that the study of the league will conclude that Ross the offer has made the offer, in fact," in reference to the former coach of dolphins Brian Flores "that the owner He offered $ 100,000 to the games in 2019 Loser Season. Flores was fired in January with 24-25 more than three seasons with the dolphins and earned eight of his last nine games as a chief coach. Since then, he has sued the NFL for discrimination racial.

The NFL is in the early stages of an ongoing investigation over Ross and Florio also reported that "there is a feeling that Ross rises that Ross will claim that she was a joke." (I'm not sure the NFL is mostly fun.)

Affiliate NFL Propere Media, also reported that Ross could possibly be chosen by the Other Owners' League with a three-quart majority, which offers the League Study.

"If we know what the facts are and have an impact on our game, we take very seriously, just as we do when we do it, if there is discrimination in the league," said the Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, last week , "It is very serious."

Yes, well, Rog.

On the one hand it seems that there is no owner of the system of legitimate sanctions to the owners of the NFL to Fehlgenösenden that we have learned too quickly with Washington's situation. ROSS bought 50 percent of the Dolphins franchise franchise for 550 million dollars in 2008 and another 45 percent in 2009 to 1.1 billion US dollars. NFL Equipment If "Forced" to sell about 4 billion dollars, it would make it years 81 by ROSS a significant gain to achieve these days.

And staff for another aversion restriction or a broader plan than the US pleberd States is not aware that there are very few possibilities that the owners would actually be according to Ross. You could have a vote, but if you could not reach the majority of 75 percent, everyone is forgotten and the Dolphins organization would only have to continue with the billionaire on the rudder. In case you should vote - or for the case, if you voted Snyder - then they would be exposed to a similar destination. The owners are spinning the wagons, which prevents the total war with the right to vote factions and alliances and extortion if something was at blackmail. To establish your own, it would be your bulletproof vests to eliminate.

I will not say that it is a complete, 100 percent impossibility that Ross is forced to sell when the NFL determination research reaches the conclusion that he tried to launch games to 2019 to get a better point of throw. It is difficult to prove it in reality he has a concrete, B√ľndliche fact that they are presented directly, which directly influences what they see as the "integrity" of the game.

"Integrity" does not matter, since women were harassed under Snyder, nor when it was classified, non-kennel trainers lost every year in employment. It is a fun word - here the game is applied here, even with the same incarnation of the struggle that each weekend in the table arises that millions of American viewers trust that millions of American Trust viewers, as with any team, Each team that tries victory. The integrity of the game is on the system instead of the integrity of the league. In a league but it has greatly lacks integrity, how can we suppose what happens in the field for such absence of reflecting?