When the first few minutes of the first episode of Better Call Saul open up on your screen, you immediately feel like it's the beginning of the end. Unlike the previous five seasons, this year opens in color and the day after Breaking Bad ended rather than Jimmy McGill's current location as a Midwestern Cinnabon franchise owner. Instead, set to dark jazz music, we see what Walter White's final acts as Heisenberg brought to all his countrymen. It's a beautifully jarring sequence that reminds me that the idea of ​​Better Call Saul should never have worked, but I'm incredibly grateful that it worked. While only the first two episodes have been made available for this review, it's easy to see that this season will be worth the wait.

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To spoil nothing for die-hard fans of the premiere, I'll just say that the final season of Better Call Saul, which will be split into two parts comprising thirteen episodes in total, sure does raise the bar from where things left off. last season. Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan have been incredibly consistent over the six years of this show in ensuring that it never breaks the logic or continuity of the Breaking Bad finale, but also works in its own sphere of storytelling. This pair of episodes follows Jimmy, Kim, Mike, and Nacho as their plans collide and sets up what's to come in the next series. Jimmy fully embraces his Saul persona, and Mike and Gus' working alliance begins to become clearer. But, that side of the story, interesting as it is, is secondary to what makes this season so good.

Since people who've watched the entirety of Breaking Bad know what happens to Jimmy, Mike, and Gus, there's an added benefit to seeing the stories unfold for Kim and Nacho. Rhea Seehorn and Michael Mando have both been the highlights of this show, delivering some of the best actors on television, even if they have yet to be fully recognized with the trophies they so well deserved. Nacho and Kim's ultimate fates are unknown, which means what happens this season could alter how we see characters moving on to the next series. I hope Nacho and Kim are alive and well and have a happy ending to their stories, but knowing how ruthless these series are, I'm not holding my breath for a good result for either of them,

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This season also continues to make great use of New Mexico scenery and creative camera work that makes even the most normal scene feel uncomfortable. I still find the opening moments of the premiere episode to be my favorite, but there's also a sequence involving an x-ray machine that's awe-inspiring to watch. Everything about this show is so good and it's hard to repeat that for six seasons this show hasn't tried to inject Breaking Bad cameos or references just for fun. Since we know Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston will be reprising their roles this season, I half-expected there to be more overt references. But, I'm happy to say that this series still remains an independent narrative that complements and augments Breaking Bad without using it as a crutch.

Bob Odenkirk also continues to find so many layers playing the dual characters of Jimmy McGill and Saul Goodman.

Yes, I know one is just a name, but they're actually almost two separate characters. One operates within the legal sphere of this story and the other is the ultimate con artist and criminal who always seems to hold his head just above water. Odenkirk suffered a heart attack during production, and the world held its breath wondering not just if he would be okay, but if it would impact the show. While we could all have waited patiently for him to recover, Odenkirk's dedication to this story is impressive and makes each on-screen sequence all the more powerful to watch. I don't know what the next eleven episodes will feature, but his work in these early chapters is both the best of his career and supports the ensemble he works with,

While you may take this review with a grain of salt since it's based on two episodes, I'm confident this might be the best season of Better Call Saul. Making a final season the best of a series is both a daunting and nearly impossible task, but in keeping this level of story, cohesive and wonderfully written, this cast of characters takes a fairly simple story and makes it as complex than any Tv.