Millions of people from all over the world absolutely want to visit Germany. What attracts tourists the most is the beauty of this country and its undeniable historical and cultural heritage. Combine it with unrivaled culinary traditions and bustling street life, and you'll understand exactly why people flock to this country from all over the world. Germany has a lot to offer every traveler, whether traveling alone or on a guided tour.

Needless to say, this country is one of the most visited in Europe and the world. In order to fully enjoy your visit, it is strongly recommended that you plan your trip in advance. The very first step in effective planning is to organize your visa. With Visa Express, you can expect a simple and hassle-free process for applying for a Germany travel visa.

As for places to visit, you can consider some of the sites we have mentioned below:

Table of Contents

1 Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
2 Cologne Cathedral
3 The Black Forest
4 The Rhine Valley
Berlin Brandenburg Gate
The Brandenburg Gate is undeniably one of Berlin's most important landmarks and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of the city. It was built at the end of the 18th century by order of the Prussian ruler Friedrich Wilhelm II. The building replaced one of the city gates which marked the starting point of the Brandenburg Road, hence its name. Visitors today are drawn to both the historical significance of this landmark and its architectural excellence.

cologne cathedral
One of the structures that will leave you speechless is Cologne Cathedral, which dominates the skyline of the city of Cologne. It is one of the few monuments that survived after large areas of Cologne were leveled in devastating battles during World War II. Although the construction of this magnificent cathedral began as early as the 13th century, it was not completed until the 1880s. The delay was caused by wars and lack of funds. Today, Cologne Cathedral is officially the largest Gothic church in the country. The unique architectural style, the beautiful finish and, yes, the sheer size of the building make Cologne Cathedral one of the most visited sites in all of Germany.

The Black Forest
Located in southwestern Germany, the Black Forest mountains are famous for their beautiful forests, scenic hiking trails, enchanting landscapes, and pretty villages. Deeply steeped in legends and myths, the Black Forest of Baden-Württemberg is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventurers. It's one of those lavish places that seems to have something for everyone. From the fascinating rural architecture of Schiltach and the waterfalls of Triberg to countless hikes and unforgettable natural sights, this place has a wide range of experiences to offer.

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The Rhine Valley
The Rhine is not only one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, but also an important waterway that crosses several countries. A boat trip on the Rhine is truly an unforgettable experience. One of the most attractive parts of this waterway runs through the Rhine Valley in Germany. A place of breathtaking natural beauty that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The valley offers many opportunities for day-trippers and lovers of slow travel. Besides admiring the beautiful nature of the Rhine Gorge and taking a boat trip on the river, one can visit the museums of Mainz, hike in the Palatinate Forest, explore Wiesbaden, a world-famous spa town, and marvel at the powerful optics. of Marksburg Castle.