For any relationship to thrive and survive the most important ingredient is rightful communication and it is correctly said, by Dr.(Prof) R K Suri Best Marriage Counsellor “Lack of communication can drive a spike between two people wider than any physical distance.”  Marriage counseling is the term used for consulting a therapist who can guide and talk about one’s married life, issues and its challenges. An online counselor builds the relationship up by analyzing the differences and bringing the couple a common ground where they can understand each other’s perspective.

How does Marriage Counseling Work?

Counseling is a systematic stepwise process. The first step is to address a problem, by accepting that there is a problem in the first place. Once you know that there are problems that are causing trouble in your marriage or relationship, you should take a proactive step to solve them. Every individual has a unique personality and nature, and similarly each counsellor is unique in conduct of sessions. The couple, considering therapies as a solution, must identify a few of the top-rated counselors to select one who is certified, experienced, compatible and comfortable with them. An online couple therapy session benefits the clients irrespective of them being straight or gay or even unmarried.

Although, going to a therapist can benefit both the partner, as a couple but if one of the partners is reluctant towards the therapy, the other can be attracted to seek counselling if it observes the change that may influence their partners in altering decision. The modern lifestyle attracts ego, financial independence, materialistic look and attitude problems in a couple.

For better understanding the relationship challenges, the couple must talk to each other about their problems rather than clinging and bottling up inside. TalktoAngel is Best Online Marriage Counseling platform in India for couple therapy sessions to deal with prevailing relationship problems in one’s life. The online marriage counselors available at TalktoAngel are best psychologists, relationship psychologists, clinical psychologists with a wide range of experience while dealing with couples all over India and Asia pacific.

The therapy sessions are mediation trials for overcoming their anger, trust, toxic relationship issues. The therapy session may also use meditation to keep their mind calm and at peace to work out with every small issue that later becomes a greater deal. Therapist may also use yoga techniques in some cases. Most importantly, the couples are encouraged to communicate about their expectations likes and dislikes regarding their partner in order to build a strong connection. Online Marriage counsellors provide numerous resources like worksheets, exercise for the analysis of the root cause of the problems and the ways to get rid of them.

What is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?

The success rate of marriage counseling is not assessed by the number of couples who remain in the relationship. It is evaluated by the number of couples who could keenly observe their relationship issues and then take the step that is required for the happiness of both. From the analysis of sessions over the last decade, it is noted that around 24% of the couples receiving therapy end up being divorced in just a few years of their sessions. However, it still holds a large number of couples around 75% who work out the differences and start a fresh, develop trust, adore their partner and nurture stronger bonds than before.

It would not be prudent to say that 24% of the marriages that ended up in divorce actually failed irrespective of the counseling process.  The Counseling has been of great help to couple in deciding the best option for them. It is not obligatory that two individuals who are bonded by marriage have to spend all their life with the same person, if its detrimental to mental health. In some of the cases, the partners are not compatible with each other and spending their life living in hell is not good, it is better for them to part ways and has a new beginning for them.

Top rated marriage counselors working with TalktoAngel for providing counseling solutions cling to the single ray of hope in any marriage and work with the couple towards mending the broken pieces in their life and bring new perspective in resolving conflicts.

When & Why I Should seek Marriage Counseling?

It is never too late nor too early to seek marriage counseling. Even when things are going smooth or at rocket speed in a marriage, one should be open to consulting a relationship therapist. Not only after marriage but couple therapies can also be fruitful before marriage so that the couple can be sure of what they are getting into in life. TalktoAngel offers the best online marriage counseling near me for couples.

Greater Mumbai is a lively city full of filling aspiration of people, we often come across cases couple of cheating partners. It is quite difficult to overcome baggage of past of such sensitive matter in a couple’s life. However, if the problems are identified in the nascent stage and is handled in a proper manner it is possible to save that relationship or marriage. It is only a matter of understanding and communicating the impact on the partners with the help of psychologist. TalktoAngel provides the best online counseling in Greater Mumbai to deal with the relationship issues

Is My Marriage Worth Saving?

Every marriage is savable, is being put forth by leading Relationship Counsellor. However, is it worth saving, when two people come into a relationship or tie knots, they feel like it was meant to be truelove. However, our hunches, instincts cannot always be correct, mismatch in expectations which results in conflicts, doubts, and lots of arguments between them. No relationship is meant to be ever enduring. If there is no hope for happiness and peace amongst couple, they should consider to move on. A therapist provides couples a perspective and give some valid suggestions, help in taking decision, to reach up a conclusion where they can decide it on their own with all the parameters analyzed.

For instance, Bangalore an IT hub, with the couple working in different offices and fields with less common interest and values may lead to difficult conversations & disputes among them. To analyze the dispute, one should take marriage therapies from the best online relationship counselor in Bangalore so that they can see the scope of their marriage themselves. The presence of lot of MNC, changing life styles and hush up for materialistic life at Gurgaon seek best online relationship therapist in Gurugram.

How Can You Identify if Your Marriage is Over or You are in Toxic Relationship?

Marriage or relationship has some signs which indicate that the relationship is toxic or on the verge of getting over.

  1. You lose your friendship with your spouse: The relation between couples cannot be defined as they play various roles for each other. One of the cardinal features of relationship is friendship as boyfriend and girlfriend. When you start losing grip over your friendship, it is the first toxic sign of the possible end of the relationship.
  2. Stressful life: if stress becomes a part of your life and your partner is, knowingly or unknowingly, the main cause of it, you should end the marriage in order to live and let live.
  3. Less communication: conversations are directly proportional to the strength of the relationship. If the conversation between the couple is deteriorating or becoming negative, resulting poor bonding between them.
  4. No comprise & adjustment: compromising or adjusting to each other builds the relationship strong. If any partner in a relationship is not too ready to make adjustments, it weakens the bond.
  5. Living a single life: marriage or a relationship should end if both or either of the individuals in it are living a single life having no interaction with the other.
  6. Therapy has no effect: if a couple is consulting a therapist and they have no positive effect on their marriage. In the event nothing is working out between the couple it is a better consideration terminate the relationship.
  7. Lack of intimacy: intimacy is not always about sex; it is about the embrace or cuddle which makes people forget about their worries. However, if there is no emotional and physical intimacy, the relationship is already over and you need to do extra effort to save it.
  8. Different goals: if the couple has separate goals and does not include the other one in it, the marriage is worthless to work upon.
  9. You don’t feel like yourself: if you have to pretend to be somebody who you are not, just for a marriage to stay tall, one should consider to call off because pretending the whole life can destroy more dreams than we can ever think of.
  10. Affair: if one or both the individuals, in a relationship, are with someone else, be it mentally or physically, there is nothing that can save the relationship from ending.
  11. Thinking about someone else: one of the main signs of ending a relationship is when you start thinking about yourself with someone else without feeling guilty. When you are actually happy with your partner you never have craving for others and if you do, you are not happy in the relationship.


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With our experienced counselors who are also working on our online platform, you have a therapist just a click away. Consulting a marriage counselor can always save more than one life and families.

Author name – Dr. R. K Suri

Dr R K Suri is a trained professional chartered Clinical Psychologist, having more than 36 years of experience in hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis, neuro-psychological assessment, career counselling, relationship management. Has been providing career counselling globally and has been providing counselling at IITs, IIMs, SPAs, for admission to Universities in the US, UK, Australia etc. Relationship management for persons to provide the breakthrough in life.