While the iPhone 14 hardware lineup costs largely the same as the previous generation, the cost to replace the battery has risen significantly, surpassing the prices Apple charged prior to its 2016/2017 "Batterygate" bill.

Replacing the battery in any of the iPhone 14 models costs $99, compared to the $69 Apple charges for the 13, 12, 11, and X lines. The latest iPhone SE and iPhones 8 and earlier are $49. These prices are for out-of-warranty, non-AppleCare+ replacement parts at an Apple retail store, while prices at Apple Authorized Repair Stores may vary. Apple typically only replaces a battery under the AppleCare+ cover when the device's battery health is 80% or less. Apple claims its batteries are rated for 500 cycles before reaching 80 percent, though factors like temperature, low battery charge, and others can quickly reduce battery life.

While a 43 percent increase in the cost of replacing a battery quite similar to the one in the iPhone 13 is notable, Apple's latest battery price is something of a correction to a much-publicized earlier discrepancy.

Battery replacements on an iPhone 6 and later cost $79 until the end of 2017 when Apple's quiet and undocumented habit of slowing down older phones went from crowd-sourced comparative theory to an apology from Apple and inevitably to a Nickname "Batterygate".
In addition to a rare bug admission, Apple has temporarily reduced the price of out-of-warranty/AppleCare battery replacements to $29. That lasted until 2018, but Apple still discounted new battery prices by $10 from pre-entry levels in 2019, charging $69. This price lasted until the iPhone 14.

The company has also gradually added battery health information to iOS, giving owners information about its maximum capacity and clues as to whether their system might slow down to cope with weaker battery voltage, at least if it has a battery actual Apple installed.

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