A Louisiana mother was arrested this week after her car crashed in the middle of a high-speed police chase, killing her 5-week-old baby and boyfriend. Police believe she stole baby care items from Walmart before they went after her, WSAZ reports.

Candace Gill, 38, was driving during the car accident and did not heed orders to stop the vehicle.

Walmart employees claimed the mother shoplifted.

Walmart employees alleged to police on May 9 that Gill and her boyfriend Edward Williams stole baby items, the channel reports. Shortly thereafter, police spotted Gil's silver Chevrolet Camaro. The documents show that the "officer gave chase and activated his lights and sirens, but did not stop the vehicle".

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Gill reportedly drove off the shoulder at one point, ran a red light and collided with another vehicle at an intersection. Williams died at the scene and Gill's baby was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. The police assume that the mother did not buckle the child properly in the car before the accident.

Mom fled from the scene of the accident.

The mother reportedly fled the scene, but police later found her in an apartment complex. The following night after officers received a tip on his whereabouts. Police reports did not immediately state which baby items Gill allegedly stole prior to the crash, or whether police recovered them. This tragic incident came amid news of a nationwide baby food shortage across the country.

Authorities charged Candace Gill with two counts of negligent manslaughter, four counts of negligent bodily harm and one count of theft. Prison records show he is currently at the Ouachita Correctional Facility on $21,950 bail.