We're now in the "2.0" era of NXT, and it seems like all the surprises about the current product have been replaced by "it's what it is and you're in or out". the attitude of the people who see it.

As noted in a previous article, there are positives to this show, and it's fascinating to see the progress of some of these wrestlers, but these NXT advantages are often overshadowed by poor acting, embarrassing dialogue and the head scratching reserve. the decisions

With Nikkita Lyons losing her spot in the Women's Breakout Tournament due to a legitimate injury, the NXT Creative Team had to quickly change their initial plans.

Unfortunately, the audible they called showed they had little faith in Fallon Henley or weren't able to outplay the babyfaces.To make up for Lyons' injury, she opted for Tiffany Stratton to goad Fallon Henley into fighting her for a spot in the next round, which Stratton won after Henley suffered a knee "injury" during the final moments of the match.

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Obviously, WWE thought it would put Stratton in jeopardy for cutting the line and winning one less match to make it to the Finals while making Henley look brave about wanting to "win" his trip to the Finals (in unaware that she earned her place by not getting hurt) like Lyons did).

In fact, it makes Henley look stupid for volunteering for the game even though she didn't need to. The injury does little to protect her, as it wouldn't have happened if she had simply chosen not to face Stratton.

his feud between Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy is hands down the worst-case scenario on WWE television right now (and consider the ground it covers). Between the hocus pocus stunts that seem too cheesy for a B-movie and the apparent desire to test Breakker's acting ability, these segments got worse week by week.

This week we saw Breakker take on Duke Hudson in the main event of NXT 2.0. There's not much to say about the match, especially since it mostly served as a backdrop for ongoing antics with Gacy and his Druids. To make matters worse, it ended when Breakker was disqualified for hitting Hudson with a chair.